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The educational activities for the environment and the promotion of alternative lifestyles have been completed

ANATOLIKI SA has concluded the Environmental Awareness Activities, in the Municipalities of Thermi, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria and Pylaia - Hortiatis, developed during the Summer Recreational Activities Program targeted to children of working parents, during summer 2020.

The Awareness raising activities were implemented in the framework of the project "Change the Power - (Em) Power to change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs & Climate Justice / DEAR program" and were carried out by ANATOLIKI SA from June 30th to August 7th, 2020, succeeding its initial goal to raise awareness of as many children as possible on the issue of environmental protection. This summer, the program was attended by 804 children, in 12 structures of the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Thermi, Kalamaria and Pylaia - Hortiatis, collecting in total, 73 hours of activities.

The objective of the activities was to train children on alternative actions to protect the environment and mitigate to climate chance. The themes of the program were three:

  • rational water management,
  • food waste reduction
  • and rational energy management.

With creative, team (adapted) games and experiential free-willing learning procedures, the challenges for the environment and society were approached, giving children the opportunity to acquire a holistic understanding of human existence and behavior. An important part of the whole effort was to promote the creation of a culture for children to participate in all social functions, encouraging them to take action on the environment, climate justice and global cooperation.

In the special circumstances in which the program was implemented this summer, the activities gave children the opportunity to play in a safe way, to participate in a collective effort that except for the environmental-social dimension, it also involved the public health dimension, keeping always the COVID-19 measures in mind.

This year all activities had to adapt to pandemic restrictions, taking good care of children safety but also putting forward their creativity.






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