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Educational Event on Climate Change

An awareness-raising day on Climate Change under the title: "A Small Step to save the Climate" took place last Monday, on February 17th 2020, at the 5th Neapoli-Sykies Gymnasium in the metropolitan area of Thessaloniki, Greece. The experiential workshop was attended by 30 students, members of the school Environmental Team, who is implementing projects on climate action and volunteerism.

In two two-hours workshops, ANATOLIKI SA presented the causes of Climate Change and projected two videos of the European Commission's Climate Action program entitled: "Paris Agreement: the World United for Climate" and "Climate Neutral Europe by 2050"». At the end of the screening, the students asked questions and a discussion was held. Each experiential workshop ended with a debate in which students pretended different roles (Local Authorities, decision makers, citizens, NGOs etc). Students took the floor and presented their own views and solutions on one of the major problems of mankind.

The educational event was implemented by the Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki’s Local Authorities- ANATOLIKI SA. as part of the project Change the Power - (Em) Power to change: Local Authorities towards SDGs and Climate Justice, co-financed by the European Union ( DEAR Programme).




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