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CeMaO-misme pilot: The training workshops for existing micro and small enterprises and start-ups have been completed

The training workshops of the "Central Macedonia Office for micro & small Enterprises (CeMaO-misme)” under the framework of the pilot action of the PURE COSMOS project co-funded by INTERREG EUROPE were successfully completed on February, 22nd.

Through three workshops, a total duration of 48 hours, the 9 participating businesses (existing and potential) had the opportunity to:

  • be trained in business development strategies,
  • hear tips for good management,
  • receive timely and reliable information on the process of starting or expanding the activities of a business,
  • gain a better understanding of the opportunities and benefits of digital transformations/ technologies for SMEs
  • improve the digital business environment and finally,
  • receive answers to their questions.

In particular, the following training workshops were implemented:

  1. How to start-up a successful business and what does a business plan consist of: what is entrepreneurship, types of entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, innovation in entrepreneurship, business plan-key points, financial management and innovation development strategies in entrepreneurship
  2. How to reach digital innovation for SMEs: e-commerce and its tools, professional networking: leveraging the Internet and Social Media for the benefit of a business
  3. Orient SMEs towards financial instruments: fundraising - financing at all stages of the business process

The "Central Macedonia Office for micro & small Enterprises:CeMaO-misme” pilot project aims at providing knowledge during starting-up or business expanding, along with a better understanding of what the opportunities and the benefits of digital transformation/technologies for SMEs are.

Following closely the nine (9) companies/potential entrepreneurs, next supporting actions will be include:

  • personal counselling session, with the goal of identifying strengths / weaknesses, developing a strong business plan and a viable business.
  • mentoring sessions with mentors/entrepreneurs who have a recognized and successful market experience and are capable of listening, discussing, guiding, proposing ideas and solutions, supporting the (new) entrepreneur throughout his business development.

On April, two events are being planned during which entrepreneurs from the market, will share in front of an audience of 30 people:

  • their business successes at the “World Café” Event
  • their failed steps in business development at a “Crash like a Pro” Event as another step to success.

The project is being implemented at a local level as a pilot project, in collaboration with the Region of Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI), the Association of ICT Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE), the Centre for Business and Cultural Development (KEPA), OK! THESS pre-incubator and the Saxony-Anhalt Investment Bank.



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