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SUSTOWNS project extraordinary online meeting

The first partners’ online meeting of “SUSTOWNS: Enhancing SUStainable tourism attraction in small fascinating MED TOWNS” project, co-financed by the INTERREG MED Program, took place on Tuesday March 31st, 2020. The extraordinary meeting was deemed necessary for joint decision-making on how to organize forthcoming local or transnational meetings and on the necessary postponement of certain actions due to coronavirus pandemia.

The inaugural greeting and the general coordination of the online meeting was held by the Lead Partner-Lazio Region. After a brief introduction of the attendees, each partner described the situation of pandemia in his country. Acknowledging the common threat, the Lead Partner discussed the future actions and deliverables related to the Communication Plan and the Testing phase of the project methodology in the Pilot Municipalities. It was jointly decided that, for smooth project implementation, all partners will proceed with Local Focus Groups meetings through teleconferences. Additionally, the postponement of all activities timeschedule by a trimester, at least, was decided.

The partnership recognized the need of adapting SUSTOWNS deliverables, related to Sustainable Tourism Planning and Tourism Packages, to the conditions of Coronavirus. This means that relevant deliverables must adapt to tourist decline, not due to the bad consequences of mass tourism on the natural or built environment. On the contrary, due to the new situation created by the restrictions of tourist flows during pandemia evolution.

The next step of the project implementation is to set up the Local Focus Group and organize the first videoconference with its members. In this context, ANATOLIKI SA will communicate with public and private bodies of the two Greek pilot areas, the Municipality of Volvi and the Municipality of Aristotle, in order to hold the first teleconference in May.




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