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The postgraduate students of the Department of Agriculture claim the title of the “future changer”! Take part and become the next Future Changer, too!

Ιn the context of the course AGRICULTURAL POLICY OF INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS offered to postgraduate students of the Department of Agriculture -Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-, ANATOLIKI SA presented the Change-the-Future online tool.

Given the unprecedented conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ANATOLIKI SA in excellent cooperation with the Associate Professor in Agricultural Cooperation Mrs. Panagiota Sergaki, presented in an online conference the project “Change the Future - (em) power to change: Local Authorities towards SDGs and Climate Justice” co-financed by the DEAR Program. The presentation also included the awareness raising campaign "Good Life is Simple" and the documentary trailer "Countdown to the Xingou V River "by Martin Kesler.

Particular emphasis was placed on the presentation of the Change the Future online tool, encouraging students to take action and become the next Future Changers! Students had the opportunity to browse the tool's web environment and understand how individually or in groups they can engage themselves for a period of four weeks to implement environmentally friendly activities.

A new appointment with the students was set for the end of May, when they will be able to present to their fellow students and ANATOLIKI executives the activities they implemented and the reward points they collected through the competitive process of the tool.

You can change the future, too! Find the tool in the link

By changing behavior, we change the future!





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