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Anatoliki S.A. participated in the 4th Transnational Partners Meeting of “Wat.Edu” Project/ Erasmus + KA2

Anatoliki S.A. participated in the fourth Transnational Partners Meeting of the Erasmus+ project “Wat.Edu”, co-funded by the European Union. The meeting took place online on Monday April 27th, 2020, due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemia, with the active participation of all project partners. The project started about a year and a half ago, aiming to create, test and gradually implement a new, experiential and innovative pedagogical material, aiming to raise environmental awareness of pupils aged 12 to 14 years old, on issues related to water.

The project is at the stage of creating an e-learning platform, which aims to inform, raise awareness and educate children on water-related issues in a creative and attractive way. During the online transnational meeting, the partners discussed about the material to be included on the platform in the form of interactive educational games. The e-learning platform is expected to be completed in October 2020 and will be available for use by the participating educational institutions. Other topics analyzed during the meeting were the completion of the educational Handbook of four school subjects, including both a theoretical background and activities related to water. Last but not least, management tasks were presented and next steps were commonly decided.

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