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3rd transnational steering committee meeting of the INTERREG MED project “TUNE UP

The 3rd transnational steering committee meeting of the partners of the project TUNE UP “Promoting multilevel governance for tuning up biodiversity protection in marine areas”, was successfully completed. The project, in which twelve partners from seven countries of Southern Europe participate and -like Greece- have Marine Protected Areas in their territory, is co-financed by the European Program INTERREG MED.

This transnational regular meeting took place on Tuesday 19 May 2020 as a teleconference, successfully adapting to the conditions created worldwide after the spread of the pandemic due to COVID 19 virus.

ANATOLIKI SA, once again, as the Leader Partner organized and coordinated the meeting. The welcome speech was given by the representative of the Spanish partner Seo / BirdLife, who according to the original planning of the project should have hosted this regular meeting in Valencia, Spain. The common conclusion of all partners was that, despite all the adversity created by the confinement and the banning of activities, the actions of the project are feasible and must continue.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community that also contributed as guest speakers. MBPC is the Horizontal project of INTERREG MED with the aim of mainstreaming biodiversity management efforts for environmental sustainability in the Mediterranean and ensuring synergies between stakeholders. TUNE UP is one of the 4 thematic projects of the horizontal program.

It was with great pleasure, that it emerged from the proceedings of the teleconference, that in all 10 pilot Marine Protected Areas of the Mediterranean Basin, involved in the activities of this program, the actions have started. This concerns both registering the regulatory framework governing the partner countries in relation to the MPAs, as well as the scientific description of their specific characteristics, but mainly the progress in the elaboration of the stakeholders mapping, both public and private entities. After all, the aim of this program is the active participation, of all involved stakeholders of each Pilot MPA, to elaborate a common language, and to reach out to an MOU for joint actions in accordance with the contracts of rivers and wetlands, that have been successfully implemented in many European countries.

In compliance with the decisions of the project's steering committee, ANATOLIKI SA organizes its First virtual online Local Conference on MPA Delta Axiou on the 8th of July 2020. The event will be organized by ANATOLIKI SA with the contribution of the Thermaic Gulf Management Body, which participates as an associated partner in the project.



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